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1 minute with ....Antrim Senior Footballer Eleanor Mallon

24th March 2018


1 Minute with.................  

Name: Eleanor Mallon 

Club: St Ergnat's Moneyglass / Erin's Own Cargin 

Favourite Position: Either wing half back or wing half forward. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Terrible at marking though. Not great at shooting either ... 

Favourite Pitch: Cargin's front pitch 🙌🏼

Hobbies: crossfit, eating, Tumbledowning at weekends, etc. 

Childhood hero: Lightening from Gladiators and CJ from Baywatch

Best Player you have played with: Deirdre O'Kane 🤥

Best Player you have played against:  Deirdre O'Kane back when I played for Creggan! 

Best game you have been involved in: beating Charleville in the 2005 junior colleges all Ireland semi with St Mary's Magherafelt. 

Drawing the all Ireland senior final in 2007 with st Mary's too, and eventually winning it 2 weeks later. 3 ridiculous games!! 💙

Best game you have ever seen: Some of the lads from Down played a game of American football through our living room & kitchen using an empty bottle of woodpecker as the ball. Circa 2009. Great viewing! 

Best trainer within the Current Antrim Squad:  Heard Seamy McKenna was good. But I'm not there enough to judge 🙈

Best motivator within the Antrim squad: this goes to the St Galls girls - Gaga and Steph 👍🏼 Jenny too, but her high pitch squeals go through me!! 

Any superstitions: absolutely none. 

Favourite Film; my answer to this never changes - Walt Disney's Robin Hood😍

Favourite Holiday Destination: Byron Bay or hunter valley 🍷

Favourite Meal: pizza! 

Best advice ever received: I was recently told to mix some honey in with my cuppa tae. Game changer folks. 

Biggest influence on career: unfortunately, i would have to say pizza again here🙈🐷🐸

Club Volunteer of note: Cathy Carey. Loves the oul ticket selling. Always a delight to deal with. 

Song you listen to before big games: For the rest of my life, I will be listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack before everything! 

Most important skill: being able to breathe with a gum shield in 

Biggest Strength in your game: bulldozing through people with the ball

Area of your game you would like to improve: maybe less bulldozing without the ball 

Which club do you like to see do well apart from your own: Cormac McAnallens in Sydney 

Which county do you like to see do well apart from your own: Dublin Ladies

Advice for youngsters: kids, if you really want to succeed in sport - don't ever live in the holylands... and obviously have fun & listen to your coaches! 

Best thing about ladies GAA: Making fwends xoxo

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