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1 minute with ......Antrim Senior Captain Emma Kelly

21st March 2018


1 Minute with Antrim Senior Captain....

Name: Emma Kelly

Club: St Pauls

Favourite Position: Forwards... isnt that everyones?

Favourite Pitch: Croker but on a local level i like glenavys pitch

Hobbies: Aussie Rules and soccerball tho i dont have time atm

Childhood hero: Tony Scullion (Derry) he started me playing in primary school when Derry were up there (not saying the year) 

Best Player you have played with: Too many over the years.. Derry, UUJ, Antrim.. Kathy Conway, Neamh Woods and Saoirse Tennyson

Best Player you have played against: Gemma Begley /Geraldine McLaughlin

Best game you have been involved in: 2012 All ireland final v louth or St Pauls club final

Best game you have ever seen: All ireland ladies final cork v dublin. Cork came back from 6/7pts behind to win. 

Best trainer within the Current Antrim Squad: Niamh Enright and Cathy Carey always empty the tank. Or Mallon if its in the gym

Best motivator within the Antrim squad: Most the older girls all keep pushing the rest. Gaga, CC and Jenny probably most heard 

Any superstitions: Doublecheck my kitbag for gloves and gumshield before i leave the house

Favourite Film; Love comedies or animations -despicable me 

Favourite Holiday Destination: Anywhere warm.. doesnt happen often

Favourite Meal: Bit of a plain eater. Chicken curry or spuds and meat

Best advice ever received: Look after yourself, work hard and dont give others an excuse to question you

Biggest influence on career: Frank Taylor -my first derry manager and Coyler since i moved to Belfast

Club Volunteer of note: Donna Coyle -never stops

Song you listen to before big games: Anything upbeat. 

Most important skill: Confidence on the ball

Biggest Strength in your game: Blocking

Area of your game you would like to improve: Atm probably my sharpness

Which club do you like to see do well apart from your own: my home club - desertmartin

Which county do you like to see do well apart from your own: Derry - as long as its not against us

Advice for youngsters: Enjoy playing, try new things and learn from it

Best thing about ladies GAA: The social aspect and how GAA is one big family all around the world.

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