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Antrim Camogie and Football agree way forward on fixtures and player welfare

14th December 2022


Antrim Camogie and Antrim LGFA can confirm that members of both executives met following their respective County Conventions to discuss fixtures and player welfare. We are all very aware that many players wish to participate in both codes and this should be encouraged as part of our Gaelic games family.

Both executives discussed ways that clashes could be better managed and how to minimise player burnout. However, both were very aware that on some occasions it may simply not possible to avoid games in close proximity but that all efforts would be made to ensure the impact on players is reduced as much as possible.

Sensible agreements were reached, such as both codes identifying set days for each age group to play and an understanding that if both codes stick to the set days, then players would have the opportunity to enjoy both codes within their age groups. It was agreed that at Minor level, a proposed trial run would put forward, to play Camogie and Football on alternate weeks. There was discussion on the timing of championships and finals and further discussion between the two fixtures officers will take place to develop a working model.

The meeting was extremely positive and there was a real sense that through sensible dialogue and a good working relationship, both codes would flourish in Antrim.

Chairperson of Antrim Camogie, Liam Vallely said

“We in Antrim Camogie are delighted to be involved in this new initiative with Antrim LGFA we hope that this is a further step forward in the promotion of our great Gaelic games and we along with Antrim LGFA always strive to put our players interests front and centre”

Antrim LGFA Chairperson, Shauna Adams said

“Our aim is that players won't have to choose between codes. We have a long and proud history of players playing at the highest levels in both Camogie and Football. These changes will strengthen teams at club and county level”

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